Day 4 – Fundão, Portugal to Lisbon!

Portugal – We have arrived

Saturday 8th August 2020

We have arrived in Lisbon and I’m going to keep it short and snappy as we have some exploring to do!

Our home for now! Praça da Armada, Lisbon.

We did have a very entertaining meal on the campsite in Fundão last night. Fundatur was the name of the Campsite and what a unique little place. We ate at the little campsite bar/restaurant where a young patron, turned chef mainly served us. He saw us trying and failing to efficiently translate the menu, which wasn’t that surprising considering it mainly included chicken gizzards and wood-pigeon. It transpired the guy had learnt his English through watching a lot of Cartoon Network. He talked us through the menu and then cooked for us. We ate a lot of grilled pork and chicken and drank a lot of beer for just €25. We made the mistake of ordering large beers which is so uncommon here. With it being so warm a little half known as in Imperial is much better option, you are better just ordering a few of those instead..

It was great but followed by the hottest and sweatiest night in the tent yet, quite a few big groups on the site up late but it didn’t bother us.

We woke up to a rather large ant infestation in our fridge bag and a seriously creepy looking spider on our shelter. Sadly we had to throw out some Pastais de Natas as they had been seriously overrun with ants, luckily they didn’t penetrate the mini Sagres bottles. For those who are yet to try the delight that is a Pastal de Nata, it is a Portuguese speciality, it’s an egg tart pastry dusted with cinnamon. They are amazing and I imagine we will be eating a lot of these in the weeks to come..

Anyway we packed up camp and got on the road to Lisbon, stopping at a wonderful remote lake called Barragem de Santa Agueda on route for a little look.  We almost took the fuel tank off the bottom of the car in the process of driving along a track for a look.  Word of warning the sandy and dusty beach roads in Portugal can contain some seriously big ruts, so be careful.  Luckily no damage as that could have seriously hindered our trip.  

At lunch we were passing a lovely quaint town called Constância on the River Tejo and popped in for a look. There seemed to be plenty of choice for food and drink and we had a great lunch (again quite a meaty and pork orientated affair for Nathan)! There was also a fantastic river beach and a campsite so I’m sure we will be back to visit. River beaches are very popular out in Portugal, particularly with the Portuguese, so we plan to visit more while we are here.

We arrived into Lisbon just before 4 and other than a little traffic on the main roads around the Ponte Abril 25 it was a pretty easy straight forward drive in. 

We are pretty much unpacked, have sorted the car and checked in to our Airbnb that we have booked for 1 month.

We are going to head off to get some supplies in then we have a zoom planned with our best friends later on. Thinking about doing it on our cute little balcony with a bottle of bubbles, thanks to some of our lovely friends who gifted us some, it made it to Lisbon safely too. Followed by some Portuguese food I imagine!

Will fill you in on our Airbnb and some Lisbon thoughts very soon!

Chat soon x

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