Simple and Fee Free Ways to Access Your Money While Abroad – Or At Least How We Manage…

We all know how expensive it can be when you’re away travelling. Why not save yourself some pennies (and hassle) by making the way you spend money and withdraw cash abroad a streamlined process. We should note that we’ve been in Portugal for over 6 months now and haven’t had to open a Portuguese bankContinue reading “Simple and Fee Free Ways to Access Your Money While Abroad – Or At Least How We Manage…”

Cooking Clams ‘Bulhão Pato’ – Portuguese Recipes

So as COVID-19 cases surge all across Europe we have also been experiencing higher cases here in Portugal. Portugal did really well to contain the spread during the first wave and deaths were much lower than its neighbouring countries. However as cooler weather arrives the country is seeing higher cases now and particularly in theContinue reading “Cooking Clams ‘Bulhão Pato’ – Portuguese Recipes”

Visiting Lisbon during a Global Pandemic (Coronavirus/COVID-19)

Just to start with a disclaimer – these are all personal opinions of ours based on our time in Lisbon and August 2020. We had already delayed moving to Portugal from April 2020 and only in August 2020 did we feel it was safe enough for us to travel to Portugal. The conditions and rulesContinue reading “Visiting Lisbon during a Global Pandemic (Coronavirus/COVID-19)”

Day 4 – Fundão, Portugal to Lisbon!

Portugal – We have arrived Saturday 8th August 2020 We have arrived in Lisbon and I’m going to keep it short and snappy as we have some exploring to do! We did have a very entertaining meal on the campsite in Fundão last night. Fundatur was the name of the Campsite and what a uniqueContinue reading “Day 4 – Fundão, Portugal to Lisbon!”

Day 2 – Magné, France to Socoa, France

We made it through France (well a few kms to go)! Wednesday 5th August 2020 I am writing this sat on a picnic mat outside our cute little Quechua tent in campsite number 2.  We are in a little coastal town called Socoa near Saint-Jean-de-Luz in France.  We are only a few miles from the France-Spain border.  ThisContinue reading “Day 2 – Magné, France to Socoa, France”

Hi from Alys and Nathan

Welcome, welcome, welcome…. We assume (at least to start with) if you are reading this that you are friends or family and we have either coaxed you into giving us a few page views or you are genuinely interested in what we have been doing thus far. However for those of you who we haven’tContinue reading “Hi from Alys and Nathan”