Simple and Fee Free Ways to Access Your Money While Abroad – Or At Least How We Manage…

We all know how expensive it can be when you’re away travelling. Why not save yourself some pennies (and hassle) by making the way you spend money and withdraw cash abroad a streamlined process. We should note that we’ve been in Portugal for over 6 months now and haven’t had to open a Portuguese bankContinue reading “Simple and Fee Free Ways to Access Your Money While Abroad – Or At Least How We Manage…”

Cooking Clams ‘Bulhão Pato’ – Portuguese Recipes

So as COVID-19 cases surge all across Europe we have also been experiencing higher cases here in Portugal. Portugal did really well to contain the spread during the first wave and deaths were much lower than its neighbouring countries. However as cooler weather arrives the country is seeing higher cases now and particularly in theContinue reading “Cooking Clams ‘Bulhão Pato’ – Portuguese Recipes”

(Some Of The) Best Equipment To Keep You Fit When Travelling

I’m a huge advocate of bodyweight strength and core training but sometimes it’s nice to add a bit of variety to your workouts!  The gym can help as it gives access to equipment like Kettlebells, Boxes, Dumbbells and other ‘fancy’ equipment. What hawever do you do when you are on your holibobs or away travelling? Continue reading “(Some Of The) Best Equipment To Keep You Fit When Travelling”

5 Traditional Portuguese Dishes you Need to Try

It’s time to write about our favourite topic again… FOOD! If we aren’t eating, we are thinking about eating, planning our next meal or researching a new restaurant to try. As much as we love to eat out and try new restaurants we also both love cooking and get excited about cooking new recipes, shoppingContinue reading “5 Traditional Portuguese Dishes you Need to Try”

The best beaches of Alvor, Algarve

In Alvor, Algarve you really are spoiled for beaches. There are different styles of beaches depending on what you want. On one hand you have the beautiful and interesting coves of the Três Irmãos. All the way down to the more settled recreational area of the Ria Alvor Estuary. With these different beaches come aContinue reading “The best beaches of Alvor, Algarve”

Our Top 5 Restaurants in Lisbon

Four weeks in Lisbon is nowhere near enough time to scratch the surface on the almost 5000 food venues the city has to offer. However we did discover that the food offerings of Lisbon would satisfy any foodie! Across the whole city there is a great variety in cuisines and the quality in restaurants inContinue reading “Our Top 5 Restaurants in Lisbon”

10 Starting Portuguese Words & Phrases

Some useful words and phrases that we’ve picked up along the way! With English as our base language, we’ve found it tough to pick up the Portuguese lingo, especially the listening element as the words are spoken so BL**DY fast! Before we had even left the UK, we had committed to 4 weeks at LUSAContinue reading “10 Starting Portuguese Words & Phrases”

Best Day Trips or a Night Away From Lisbon

We loved our 4 weeks in Lisbon and we thought the city was a great place to be in the week and on the weekends. We spent weekend afternoons wandering around the city, checking out the cute streets of Alfama, watching music in the plazas of Graça and drinking beers near Cais do Sodre. WeContinue reading “Best Day Trips or a Night Away From Lisbon”

The Electric Scooters of Lisbon

If you are in Lisbon it’s really hard not to notice and talk about the Electric Scooters. They are one of Nathan’s favourite things since we have been here. We came across them earlier in the year in Brussels, Belgium and had about an hour whizzing around the city sightseeing on them. It was MarchContinue reading “The Electric Scooters of Lisbon”